In a truth is stranger than fiction moment, Howard described his escape to Mr. Wise, saying he boarded a flight in Tucson for New York. As he took his seat, a large, rugged looking man sat in the next seat, and suddenly Howard said he felt that everyone on the plane was staring at him..

And it could include owners requiring players to stand for the national anthem.In the meantime, other teams and their players will have to figure out how to handle the situation at this weekend’s games. For the Miami Dolphins, who play Sunday at Atlanta, that probably means continuing the policy put in place last weekend, when players were required to stand for the anthem if they were on the sideline but they also were given the option to remain instead in the locker room or in the tunnel leading to the field. For other teams, it will mean players making individual decisions, and that likely will result in some players kneeling in protest.[NFL Power Rankings Week 5: It’s the Chiefs and then the Packers..

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Gordon will never be the player in Cleveland that he could have been. Whether he becomes that in New England could be a determining factor in how the final days of the Patriots’ run of NFL dominance play out. Or Gordon could become a mere afterthought in New England, just as he now is in Cleveland..

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