I don’t care who you are. Ever since I was a kid, I never did. I never did. Now Ferrara has again booked Rock Candy for Saturday, September 5 which is Labor Day weekend (whatever that means these days) and added Marin County up and comers The Happys to the bill. Timothy O’Neil will play a set as will The Incubators Chris Chappel who will partner with the always funky Todd Bugbee to open the show. The event is free and open to the public..

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The federal supplement did not affect employment during the lockdown, because the economy was shut down and there were no jobs available. But now that businesses are reopening, employers trying to rehire workers are finding that they can’t compete with enhanced unemployment. Nearly 1 in 5 small businesses report that they have had an employee turn down a job offer to remain on unemployment.

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