It is unclear whether Bezos is much of a sports fan. Bezos did watch February’s Super Bowl in a luxury suite with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. During the game, Bezos posed for pictures, including one with Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin, brothers who play for the Seahawks, that announcer Rich Eisen posted on Instagram..

A portaledge is a tent system that rock climbers attach to a rock face to allow them to sleep on multiday climbs. Kingston hung his portaledge from a ceiling anchor in the living room. “It was a hit,” he says, sharing a video of Keona squealing in delight while bouncing on the contraption..

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Doctors routinely make diagnoses and prescribe treatments based on informed guesses. Sometimes they’re wrong, and with concussions the stakes are high. Not playing after a third concussion could mean losing millions of dollars in future contracts; playing too soon could mean long term brain damage.

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Using fun soap, such as those with characters on them, or even soaps that change color when used long enough, will help encourage kids. “We want to teach them to wash all parts of their hands,” Meade says. (I remember watching my son put soap on his palm, rinse it off, then proclaim “Done!” when he was small.) Washing all parts of their hands means the fronts, the backs, between the fingers, their nails and even their wrists..

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Convicted reports say a trial may not take place until as late as next March Chung could face discipline from the NFL, possibly a four game suspension depending on the circumstances, according to the NFLPA collective bargaining agreement. The legal jail sentence itself is reportedly 3 7 years. It not known whether this impacts his status for this upcoming season since the legal proceedings could extend into next spring.