This year, with a Zoom interview, a few seconds, maybe a second question, no time to talk, no time to build relationships. I fully understand why there is no access this playoff season. It doesn mean I have to embrace it Charlie Montoyo is lucky that this baseball season has been clouded by COVID 19 positive tests, finding a home for the Blue Jays, scheduling dysfunction, rule changes, players opting out and daily upheaval.

Miami removed its transition player tag from Vernon and he took full advantage, agreeing to a mammoth five year, $85 million deal that includes $52.5 million in guaranteed money. The Giants remade their defense on the opening day of free agency by re signing Jason Pierre Paul and adding Vernon, Damon Harrison and Janoris Jenkins. The Giants used to win Super Bowls with their pass rush and now they have a defensive line that might be imposing again.

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