I look around Clarksville and see fields filling up with houses, trees plowed under regardless of aesthetics or environmental impact. Few here seem to have heard of berms those little hills planted with trees and shrubs that create a natural, non synthetic barrier between high traffic roadways and mushrooming single family and apartment complexes being built without people friendly rhyme or reason. Well planted berms, particularly in residential neighborhoods, attract birds (including many species whose decline is being documented locally by the Audubon Society) and other natural wildlife in addition to providing a bit of cooling to the earth..

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But not long after they all moved in the mid 2010s, the oldest boys, Jacob and Nigel, struck up a friendship over basketball. Or maybe baseball; no one can remember. That turned into once a week dinners with their families, then twice a week, then three times and in the meantime, Zola and Sammy had https://www.cheapjerseysaa.com begun to bond..

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