Scranton, Pennsylvania was at one time a thriving center for live performance particularly theatre and was a frequent stop for plays, musicals and vaudeville acts on their way to New York City. A number of beautiful and often lavish theatres were built throughout the city and housed historic performances by many popular and up and coming talents of the day. Some of these people and events were captured artistically in drawings by P.

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Isn that bad taste? We do serious work here, after all! you protest. Yes, you do very important work, and taking your vocation of healing seriously makes your practice great! So, ask yourself: how do you get that across to all your callers? Like any consumer, your callers and clients have defenses that need to be lowered for your sales message to get through. The lame joke makes people laugh because it lacks subtlety in other words, your callers know immediately you deliberately inserted the joke knowing that it lame.

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