Dellavedova spent last summer alongside his old St. Mary’s teammate Paul McCoy, who had been watching game tape and going through Synergy Sports clips. Hours together working out and talking through ideas, the pair ultimately decided that changing Dellavedova’s shooting motion would cheap nfl jerseys be beneficial, perhaps even the key to resuscitating his fading career.

“He has that infectious personality that players gravitate to him,” Locksley said of Tagovailoa. “He came in with the right mentality that, ‘I’m nobody different, I’m here just to be a member of this team.’ He’s assimilated really well with his new teammates. Had the opportunity here the last few weeks to just see how he interacts.

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“You just got to worry about what you can control and the people who really matter. If they’re criticizing someone for swapping jerseys, especially complete strangers, you really don’t value their opinions if they don’t understand it, so it’s not really worth explaining. You try to explain it, then somebody else is going to have [something to say], then you’re going that.

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