Change in taste: Treatment can have a funny effect on your taste buds. Things you didn’t like before might taste good now. So be open to new foods. The 34 point margin of victory was the second largest in the history of the NBA Finals. The Celtics set other series records: most points, most points in the first half (79), largest halftime lead (30), highest field goal percentage (.608), and most field goals (62). The assist total of 43 was one short of the record..

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But kids can say strange things! I think everyone takes something from the film as proof of it being real or not, but it’s never going to be something that is agreed with unanimously. For me, the children’s clothes and how Nolan constantly shows them in a similar position and outfits in the dream (which I feel are deliberate clues) would suggest that it’s a dream at the end, despite other clues to the contrary. But no one can say definitively either way (except Nolan) and I think that’s what’s so powerful about the film and why it’s a classic.

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