I prefer to look at Jack Doyle’s glass as half full (10 targets, a healthy Andrew Luck) instead of half empty (extremely costly fumble, Eric Ebron competition). Jared Cook gets placed conservatively at No. 11 but could well be a top five guy this season. 1, but the Chargers looked just leaky enough to settle for the second spot. As noted earlier, the Bears are waiting impatiently to unload their frustrations onto the Seahawks’ beleaguered offensive line.

“That didn’t come up at all,” Jed York, the chief executive officer of the 49ers, said at the October owners’ meeting. “There was nobody that disagreed with obviously people have different opinions on what kneeling means. But nobody talked about, ‘This is a tradeoff.’ There was nothing in the meeting with the players.

Despite facing a pretty easy slate of edge rushers (especially compared to any of the SEC or PAC 12 tackles) he had some troubles. Perhaps nothing highlighted this more than the issues he had wholesale jerseys with Wisconsin’s Joe Schobert who really had his way with him to the tune of two hits and two further pressures. With 47 seconds to go in the first half, Schobert is quick off the line but not so quick Scherff shouldn’t be able to do something about it.

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