The line has changed from Steelers giving 4 points to getting 3 1/2.Cold Buffalo? I just got back from doing my errands wearing just a T shirt. Yes, the bees are still buzzing and enjoying the sunshine. Although I’m sure it will turn considerably cooler when the sun goes down.

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“I think we have to practice like that and play every play like that, that each possession, each series is that vital to us,” Jones said. “We don’t have any room to make any undue mistakes here. I just feel that it’s like a playoff game. Year Team Points Per Drive Rank 2016 Broncos 1.51 3rd 2015 Broncos 1.43 1st 2013 Texans 1.98 22nd 2012 Texans 1.57 7th 2011 Texans 1.47 4th Besides the outlier year of 2013, in which everything fell apart on both sides of the ball in Houston, Phillips has consistently fielded top 10 defenses. How does he do it? By consistently giving his defensive line and secondary the freedom to make plays. I went more in depth on the scheme and exactly what that means after the Broncos won the Super Bowl, but at its core the key tenets are this: blitz and play man coverage.

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