“I think we both recognized that(starting a business) isa super scary move. It’s hard, it’s risky and people who were employed with a salary look at it as something mysterious instead of as the opportunity they’ve been looking for.”ATB Financialis supporting the program, which is expected to be offered to groups of 12 or so prospective entrepreneurs. The organizers hope toenroll more than 30 business leaders toact as mentors.”ATB, StepUp, Mac, and a host of others are showing tremendous leadership in helping a new crop of Alberta entrepreneurs gain the confidence to take their first entrepreneurial steps,” saidWilson, who co founded FirstEnergy Capital Corp.

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canada goose uk black friday Witnesses say Dulay’s family didn’t approve of the wedding because Gary was raised in the same village in India as the bride and considered a cousin.Calgary’s more recent cases have seen victims beaten, kidnapped, shipped off to their home countries to be married and threatened with death.Their perceived offences range from premarital intimacy, dressing too provocatively, hanging out with friends of a different religious or ethnic background, or even rumours of having committed the acts.Over the past year, at least 125 Calgary officers have attended presentations on the subject, including lectures by noted Toronto activist Aruna Papp, who escaped an abusive arranged marriage 26 years ago.The newest Calgary police recruit class will also have had two additional hours of honour based violence training tacked onto their regular domestic violence education.And a poster campaign was recently launched in Calgary’s District 5 urging residents to speak out if they are aware of honour violence in their communities. Posters were displayed around restaurants, businesses and religious institutions, and are available in up to five different languages, Guigon said.Though most of the cases in Calgary have involved victims of Middle Eastern, South Asian or African descent, Guigon emphasized that the vast majority of people in those cultures do not ascribe to these kinds of “communal honour systems” where physical or emotional abuse against someone who has been “dishonourable” is tolerated.Most of the victims are female, in their late teens or early 20s, and normally unmarried.While most domestic cases involve intimate partners and are usually spontaneous, honour violence incidents are normally committed against family members and have some degree of planning, Guigon said.”From a risk assessment aspect, honour based violence is a significant risk to the safety of the victims as it’s a really significant predictor for future violence and even homicide,” he said.”We know this now and we need to take different (approaches) to ensure the victims are not further victimized.”The city police’s Diversity Resources Team has also made inroads with different communities.And acting Sgt. Simon Watts, with the domestic conflict unit, has been holding presentations and working in partnership with social agencies around Calgary to learn more about what police can do to help.Didem Erman, a youth program co ordinator with the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, says about 20 per cent of her 350 clients have expressed fears of honour violence or have been victimized directly.”I have clients who have been abused emotionally and physically. canada goose uk black friday

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https://www.canadagooseparkauk.com canada goose outlet canada goose store MORE: Keep tabs on Team Canada’s schedule, scoresAccording to TSN’s Bob McKenzie during the first intermission of the Canada Germany game, the 18 year old’s agent Emilie Castonguay released a statement.”Alexis wants to play more than anything but that decision will be taken based on his long term future and to not risk anything,” Castonguay said.”It is simply too important. If there is any risk to aggravate the injury or expose a weakened knee to any further injury, he will not be taking that risk.”The 18 year old fell after he drove to the net and had a scoring chance. His right ankle collided with the netminder’s pad and his leftknee appeared to buckle as he awkwardly hit the ice. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale “I am looking forward to going back to Goodwood to win the King George for a fourth time.”Crowley said that the early part of the race he was battling to restrain Battaash’s enthusiasm in case he wore himself out. “Obviously it is his first run this season and he is fresh,” said Crowley.”I was merely a passenger early on and trying to save something for the finish. “It is nice to make it third time lucky.” Crowley champion jockey in 2016 said his rivals faced a season of heartbreak Canada Goose sale.