He lifts weights religiously he went to a local gym Monday, since Redskins Park’s equipment was already being packed up and started measuring his calories this offseason. He wound up settling on about 850 calorie meals, consumed six times a day. Smoothies made with kale, carrots, avocados, walnuts, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries became a particular favorite.

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Max Boot, in his Sept. 26 op ed, claims that the National Football League needs to, indeed, “give Kap the damn ball” because of his physical health, past merit and even potential money making capabilities for the league. I completely agree. At lower levels of sports, it has happened before. Change begets change. In the 1990s, a cascade of college athletic departments moved away from Native American names.

I think it’s a lot easier in the absence of having that, of saying, ‘it might look this way or it might look that. Now there’s a precedence. There’s already a law in place. Just over 100 million people watched Super Bowl LIII, CBS said Monday. But the network included those who watched the game on televisions as well as streaming services such as CBS Interactive and the NFL’s digital properties. About 98 million watched the big game the traditional way, CBS said citing early Nielsen data the lowest figure since 2009 when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII..

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