The AFC contenders have their fair share of issues as well, starting with the Patriots. They were hopeless in their loss to the Lions. Trade pickup Josh Gordon was inactive with his hamstring injury. There has been a lot of talk about how the Cowboys are still looking for their first victory against a team with a winning record this season (0 4), but don’t discount the work the offense has done in 2019. Dallas is averaging 2.5 points per drive this season, the fourth most in the NFL, with an impressively low rate of three and out drives (22 percent, third lowest). According to Football Outsiders, the Cowboys boast the best offense in the league even after you adjust their success on every play to a league average based on situation and opponent..

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While Less winds his way around the globe riding a camel in Morocco, trapped in a Christian retreat in India we learn more about this tenderhearted man who goes about his life “like a person without skin.” Everyone else seems to have weathered the usual professional and romantic disappointments and developed the leathery hide of adulthood, but not Less. The gay world. But in your books, you make the characters suffer without reward.” That may be true of Less’s novels, but it’s not true of this one, which eventually rewards Less’s fragile optimism in the most charming way..

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