Trump and his supporters are correct that kneeling is an uncommon and technically improper gesture in the presence of the American flag. But recalibrating democratic citizenship to address issues of racism entails, among many things, recalibrating what counts as good posture in a particular place. And when the national anthem is played at a football stadium, when millions of American eyes are watching, that is as good a place as any to challenge what counts as good posture in a country that promises liberty and justice for all, but too often delivers violence and subjugation to some.

Smith even accused Colin of using his protests as nothing more than an elaborate scheme to get attention upon hearing this news, which is ironic considering he was one of Colin’s strongest supporters before election day. Now, he thinks that Colin is a joke, and Cheap Jerseys from china that his message wasn’t sincere because he didn’t vote.What do you think? Did Colin hurt his message by not voting? Or do you think everyone is being too harsh on him? Please discuss.lions44posted 3 years agoin reply to thisWhile I respect Kaepernick’s right to kneel, not voting hurts his cause. I expected it though.

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