Laminitis is the inflammation of the laminae tissue in the foot. The laminae tissue connects the foot of the horse to the hoof. When it becomes inflamed, the capillaries get squeezed and no blood flow can make it to the tissue. Swank also hit a leadoff home run in the final as Hughesville erased a three run deficit and played one of its best, and most complete, games.Hughesville had high expectations entering 2020 but never was given the opportunity to show what it could do after the COVID 19 pandemic erased the spring high school season. Hughesville will never know what would have happened, but it offered a glimpse at how dangerous it may have been and earned an impressive consolation prize, finishing the summer league 13 1 and winning its last eight games.means so much. When I first found out our season was canceled I didn know what to do for a week or so.

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