Means a lot, he said. The news with my family, my mom and dad are 80 years old, so it was exciting to tell them. It something I always wanted to do but was never in a rush. I don’t know whether an NFL official, or maybe a team official or two, took to the pulpit Tuesday in a very private memorial ceremony in San Diego for Dennis Green, who in 1992 with Minnesota was given the chance to be just the third black head coach in NFL history. Fritz Pollard in the ’20s before the NFL segregated itself. Art Shell in the late ’80s.

The lockdown comes amid escalating tension in recent days across the Gaza border between Israel and groups linked to Hamas. Palestinian militants have sent incendiary balloons into Israel as part of an effort to pressure Israel to ease the blockade. In response, the Israelis carried out airstrikes on Hamas linked targets and closed Gaza’s only fishing zone and commercial crossing.

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