As they walked past, Tony spotted just outside the dump, a few old pictures thrown down on the ground. They didn’t have any frames, and if he had left them there, they would have been ruined by the rain. Tony liked collecting things, in fact he has quite a collection of old pictures and other objects, that he likes to keep.

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The musician says it was affirming, too, to get to support Black live with his music. Shaw creates in a genre overwhelmingly populated by white artists, and he says, it felt good to associate his music with this cause. “Getting to play protests was really cool,” he says, “because the genre of music I do isn’t really considered by mainstream media outlets as being ‘Black.’ So it’s nice to be able to do something empowering Black people by playing the music I am.

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In the history of the Cannes, there have been cancellations. Cannes, which began in 1939 had to draw its curtains two days later after screening just one movie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, because Hitler army marched into Poland on September 3, signalling the start of World War II. Cannes could reopen only after the war in 1947, and in 1968, there was one more closure when French workers and students began a violent protest.

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