She is selfless, humble, and always takes care of others before she takes care of herself. After countless tired less days she is always able to put a smile on her face and be there for her family and friends. She has created projects and protocols for her facility to help increase awareness and ensure the health and wellness for others.

Bloomberg said, “New York and the world shared an unprecedented tragedy on September 11th. We are forever bound by images of the terrorist attacks that took so many innocent lives that day. But we are also connected by our common admiration for the incredible acts of courage and kindness that followed.

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You may feel too exhausted to talk, ashamed at your situation, or guilty for neglecting certain relationships. But this is just the depression talking. Staying connected to other people and taking part in social activities will make a world of difference in your mood and outlook.

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8. Uber kicked off app based ride hailing service (2010)StumbleUpon co founder Garrett Camp and entrepreneur Travis Kalanick launched Uber’s ride hailing service in May 2010 following the establishment of the company in March 2009. The company started its journey in San Francisco, California, though it rapidly went beyond the US and entered Paris in December 2011.

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