The tower is made of stone in a square plan and rises up about six floors (some towers reportedly rose to the height of the bell tower of Florence). The imposing tower is heavily rusticated, with little fenestration, and is punctuated by small square openings that were used for scaffolding and supports for wooden balconies or awnings. The Foresi Tower exemplifies Florence during a precarious time when clans used their towers for security and to express their power..

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“We weren’t allowed to film it or anything like that,” Arians said of the workouts. “Didn’t have a lot of conversations with Tom other than that it was a good turnout, getting a lot of things done. It was a good team building experience. Covering a wide range of stories in Latin America, Welna chronicled the wrenching 1985 trial of Argentina’s former military leaders who presided over the disappearance of tens of thousands of suspected dissidents. In Brazil, he visited a town in Sao Paulo state called Americana where former slaveholders from America relocated after the Civil War. Intervention in Haiti to restore Jean Bertrand Aristide to Haiti’s presidency..

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