The tobacco e cigs decreased desire to smoke over the placebo, and were more well tolerated compared to inhalers.They instead tried to encourage them to reduce consumption via the utilization of e cigs. They found that more than half the participants decreased smoking by at least 50% at 34 months without significant unwanted side effects.2012 research found that active or passive exposure to tobacco smoke increased lymphocyte counts, white blood cell coulds, and granulocyte counts for at least one hour. E cigs did not, nor did a management situation.They measured desire to smoke and withdrawal symptoms.

Different breeds of sheep produce different qualities of wool fibers. Some are thicker, some finer, straighter, curlier, or there is more or less lanolin. A really fine wool breed, such as Merino, will have much less itch factor than a long straight wool, such as Lincoln long wool.

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