Besides adding more of what players have come to expect from a new Destiny add on new gear, side quests, cooperative missions, and a raid “Forsaken'” introduces Gambit, a new activity that fuses co op and player vs player gameplay. In Gambit, two four player teams compete against each other over three rounds by taking on waves of AI controlled enemies. Slaying an enemy causes it to drop a mote, a silvery triangular object, that can be picked up and deposited in a team’s bank.

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cheap nfl jerseys Rolando Cantu talks with fellow Fox Sports broadcaster Terry Bradshaw in the Fox studio.When the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers kickoff, the big game will be broadcast in more than 180 countries and territories around the world in a number of languages as millions tune in on various platforms.On the call for Fox Deportes is a voice from the Rio Grande Valley belonging to a pioneer of the sport.Rolando Cantu, a McAllen High alum who played football for the Arizona Cardinals to become the first Mexican collegiate non kicker to play in the NFL, will be in the broadcast booth for Fox Deportes helping bring the Super Bowl to life as the lead analyst.”I’ve been able to pioneer, just as I became the first Mexican non kicker from a Mexican college to ever crossover to the NFL and play in a regular season game. I think what I’m doing right now is trying to inspire kids to not only play on the field, but also future broadcasters that have that passion that I have every time I get to call an NFL game. I think it’s a wonderful experience and I’m ready for it,” Cantu said.Born in Monterrey, Cantu went to school in McAllen, ultimately graduating from McAllen High in 1999 after playing varsity football for the Bulldogs.Upon graduation, Cantu accepted a scholarship to attend and play football at Tecnologico de Monterrey with the Borregos Salvages where he won two national championships cheap nfl jerseys.