If the Wizards can win two of the last three games of this series, they’ll become just the sixth No. 8 seed in NBA history to beat a No. 1 seed and advance to the second round. “I am so pleased that we’re able to do what we’re able to do, and do it without some of the more premium players,” Jones said. “Now, Romo is a premium player relative to salary. But the fact that we’re doing it with lesser players if you will, numbers is a pretty good thing.

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Selene Huff’s Formed is a series of sculptures that explore the process of translating a formal system of composition into a moving meditation. The sculptures are reflections on how the artist’s body moves through space and interacts with other physical entities. You may also recall Daniel Evans’ Littoral Zone from last year’s dynamite show, Dyscorpia at Enterprize Square Gallery.

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This slide is used mostly when a runner wants to go “straight in” to a base. It also enables the runner to come quickly to his feet when the ball eludes the defense. Players should learn how to slide as soon as possible, for the earlier the years, the lighter and more supple the body.

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