Kansas City will host the Tennessee Titans in a surprising matchup. The Chiefs needed the postseason’s most explosive performance to get to this point, rallying to beat the Houston Texans, 51 31, in the divisional round after falling behind 24 0. That game featured the most first half points in postseason history, and Kansas City became the first team to score 30 points in these playoffs before the third quarter had ended..

Indianapolis Colts Weekly Fantasy Football League Players to WatchIndianapolis defense was a far cry from its offensive counterpart, ranking 18th cheap jerseys in the league with 339.2 yards per game. Knowing who will have a big season is key to the success of a weekly fantasy football league manager. Knowing who is hot, or who could break out is paramount to your team success.

wholesale jerseys from china The Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s largest police union, has not taken a formal position on NFL boycotts, though their executive board just met last week. But executive director Jim Pasco noted that anyone turning down an off duty job is hurting themselves financially, and in many cities they already don’t earn high salaries. “They’re going to pay for their principles right out of their pocket,” Pasco said.. wholesale jerseys from china

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“I think that’s most of what the last few months has been about: being a good listener, being a good question asker,” Cousins said. “I don’t know of a more constructive way to build a team and a locker room and team chemistry than the time we spent this morning and the conversation we had. I think there was tremendous value in it.”.

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I suppose you could argue that they have been snakebit ever since Snyder bought the team 10 long yrs ago. The skins left the door open today much like the BUCs did for the skins last week. I say again, the the “interim” coach in this week, put the players on notice and let’s see if they can salvage a 7 9 season.