I find it especially hard to hear such difficult news on a daily basis news that is not balanced with much good news. We don’t get an alert on our phones every time someone recovers from Coronavirus, and we hear more about the hoarding and shortage of supplies than we do about the acts of kindness and care taking place each day to help people through. In addition, it can be hard to escape the panic, anxiety and fear that is around us on a daily basis that feels contagious..

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When you’re thinking about gift ideas, jewelry is always a great option for anyone. You can customize your choices, of course, based on the individual’s gender, age, and preferences. Additionally, you’ll want to be careful about the occasion for which you’re giving the jewelry gift.

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Fix Education: For the life of me, I cannot understand why schools don’t teach children anything about handling money. No child should be able to graduate without understanding how to balance a checkbook. They should also be taught to some degree about reading financial statements or maybe even how to analyze investments.

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