The owners locked out the players March 12. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson to end the lockout. Her decision is pending. Incredibly interested in your work here. I’ve spent a lot of time with NMF, for its potential as an incredibly interesting data exploration tool (“There’s a pronoun cluster! There’s a Spanish cluster! There’s a 404 Error axis!”) or low dimension projection step. When you want to classify a new document, you can use its contents (more terms) to calculate a feature vector.(The math seems to typically involve random initialization followed by iterative improvements.

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So go ahead, be an immature potty mouth. Knock yourself out. Your bloviating and the other trolls snark cannot hurt me, because I do not let it. I issue this proclamation simply based on my overall preseason enthusiasm for Davis as a great draft day value. I own him in several leagues, and got him in the double digit rounds. But I plan on leaving the rookie on my bench until he shows he’s startable.

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