Schools aren much better. Growing up, my teachers would devote time in class to watching the games. The gym teachers would devote class Thursday and Friday to free time. The James Beard award semifinalists were announced on Wednesday. As always, Minnesota chefs and restaurants were showered with recognition, including Grand Cafe chef/owner Jamie Malone, who is in the running for Best Chef: Midwest honors. As well she should be.

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I take tenant screening very seriously and that’s why I love RentPrep, and we’ve negotiated a discount for all BiggerPockets users. I think you’ll love it and use them time and time again, just like we do. Now, you’ve probably experienced your inbox filling up with rental request, with comments like, ‘I know you said no pets, but here’s my situation’.

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Judge Davis’ courtroom sits in the 9th Circuit. Courts of Appeals, which consist of 13 geographically arranged circuits, are only one rung below the Supreme Court of the United States. A published decision issued by one of the circuit courts becomes mandatory precedent for all the lower courts in that circuit.

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