I think his puck moving ability has the potential to be elite, and I think he’s a really intelligent player. So the last year has done him some real good. Similarly, I think Bo Byram, average camp when he came in the fall. Over the years, he has written over 500 tutorials on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. He has also written in depth reported features on the intersection of technology and culture, reviewed fitness wearables, been the social media manager, started two podcasts, and produced several tech videos. He loves travelling, particularly to places not frequented by tourists.

With Manias at the helm, the Empire joined the AFL as an expansion team prior to the 2018 season. Albany proceeded to lead the League in attendance and boast the best record in each of the franchise’s first two seasons in the League, including capping off the 2019 season as ArenaBowl 32 champions. As Manias transitions to the League, he will be overseeing the launch of all expansion teams, the hiring and training of the Chief Operating Officers for each of the expansion teams, overseeing all teams to ensure that each is running the business properly and are profitable, and will develop and implement best practices for sales and operations..

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