The catch and it is a big one is that for these benefits to come into effect, both the source and headphones must support aptX/ aptX HD. Otherwise, the source will fallback to the default SBC protocol and apply additional compression to the file. While aptX HD with ‘near’ CD quality audio is considered ‘good enough’ by many, it still cannot match up to the fidelity of truly lossless audio (such as 24 bit FLAC or WAV files)..

“I had kind of a shaky high school experience. Being able to start over as a redshirt, that’s when I realized I could [become an NFL prospect]. That time off, I was able to accomplish a lot. This is precisely how self censorship and China social credit monitoring system are supposed to work. When I heard this from readers, it then occurred to me that I might be targeted in some fashion. This is also by design.

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