The AFC contenders have their fair share of issues as well, starting with the Patriots. They were hopeless in their loss to the Lions. Trade pickup Josh Gordon was inactive with his hamstring injury. Cooke, who died April 6 at age 84, was not blind to all of the transgressions of his much younger wife, who is 44. He knew when he married Marlene that she had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import cocaine and served 5 1/2 months in prison. She has since been trying to avoid deportation in exchange for testifying against drug dealers.

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“The quarterback being able to move makes it to where the defense has to defend 11 people, not just 10,” Ravens backup quarterback Robert Griffin III said last year. “Traditionally in the NFL, they’ve only had to defend 10. So it’s not that defenses don’t know what to do.

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Oklahoma City could also try to convince Westbrook to renegotiate and extend his contract for at least a year or two, which would allow him to get a several million dollar raise this season and allow the Thunder to know he’d be around for more than just this coming season. Westbrook, however, has reportedly said he’s not interested in doing this not that it’s much of a surprise. He’d make more by hitting the open market than any raise he’d earn via an extension signed this year..

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Writing about a religious liberty opinion that Kagan joined in July, a conservative commentator wrote that she was master tactician. Offering his praise, he bluntly stated, wish she were on my side. Right wing think tank also condemned Kagan court after the court refusal to overturn precedent in 2020 big abortion case.