Those four teams have separated themselves. What teams could challenge them in January? In the NFC, the obvious, yet overlooked, answer is the 6 2 Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton is playing as well as any quarterback in the league, completing a higher percentage of his passes than at any prior point of his career.

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Caputo, a Buffalo resident, said Trump put him in charge of building a fan group that would become known as “12th Man Thunder,” and Caputo began by distributing a petition asking any buyer to keep the team in Buffalo. Next came measures that would later seem positively Trumpian: a Twitter campaign in which Trump marketed himself as an advocate for the people of Buffalo, praise for the team drafting wide receiver Sammy Watkins and tweets directed at Goodell. Caputo’s group, meanwhile, spread rumors about Bon Jovi’s plans to move the Bills to Canada and then set up safe spaces at restaurants bars called “Bon Jovi Free Zones,” where patrons could escape the singer’s music..

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