Washington Post center Usero UseroMarlins hold moment of silence before walk off Marlins hold moment of silence in protest of Jacob Blake shooting New York Mets and Miami Marlins on Aug. 27, took Citi Field in New York, holding a moment of silence before walking off in protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. New York Mets and Miami Marlins on Aug.

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Jason Garrett blew it. Kicking a field goal on fourth and seven, with roughly six minutes remaining while trailing by seven deep in New England territory, wasn’t the problem. The Cowboys had the wind, their defense was shutting down the Patriots, fourth and seven is death against the Patriots’ defense and, if you don’t want to play for overtime, which you shouldn’t, you need two scores anyway.

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Both denials are abhorrent. Do some of the accusations go back decades? Absolutely, and the one that sticks out is the tale of former cheerleader Tiffany Bacon Scourby, who said Snyder asked her to go to a hotel suite with one of his closest friends at a 2004 charity event. Snyder’s denial carried with it not just a claim that the interaction didn’t happen but a further dismissal that because Scourby “did not report this alleged incident to anyone at the team in 2004, during her 8 years as a cheerleader, or at any time in the past 16 years,” it must not have happened..

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