That seemed to suit the Redskins just fine. In Griffin, they are getting a quarterback who has demonstrated speed as a runner and accuracy as a passer. He has put star quality on display during the pre draft buildup. Marie’s utility operator is typically overrun with requests to trim trees that have grown too close to high voltage power lines.”In springtime, it gets hectic,” said Peter Bursche, forestry technician, speaking with host Aaron Alessandrini in an episode of PUC Services Inc.’s new Day in the Life YouTube series.”I can get upwards of six (work orders) in a day in the spring,” he said, also noting the forestry department receives about 800 work orders a year roughly 500 of which require action.Article content continued”A lot of the situations we have is where, in the past and it’s no fault of the homeowner, it’s just lack of knowing that trees grow up tall they plant them in the wrong spot,” said Bursche.”We always encourage our customers, if they’re going to plant a tree to look up, look around, see what’s going to happen here, because this little tiny spruce tree that you’re putting in the ground today they’re going to be in the power lines.”PUC has divided the city into quarters, and the forestry services division trims trees on a four year cycle. This ensures tree branches don’t fall and cause power outages or become tangled in the high voltage lines.”You’re going to see these guys at some point in time on your street or in your backyard doing some sort of trimming, if you have electrical lines,” said Bursche.Workers take several precautions to ensure safety. They work out of an insulated bucket truck and wear hydro mitts that prevent them from getting electrocuted.

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