With that season coming to a close Moneke is confident he will find a new club in Europe to continue plying his trade away from home with the end goal of signing an NBA contract. “I played myself, I believe, into making more money than I would have gotten at South East,” Moneke said. “It works out for me individually, because I will be able to stay at a team over here, whatever country it is, whatever country we decide, and I be able to make more money.

uk canada goose outlet WorkSafe ACT issued a “non disturbance” notice over the Constitution Avenue site, which means no construction work can be done until the sanction is lifted. That might not happen for a week or more, the regulator said. “WorkSafe has initiated investigations which include interviewing people on site and examining the circumstances of the incident,” it said. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Parka The success of the national cabinet during the coronavirus crisis has led the federal and state governments to use it as a blueprint for a future working relationship. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced scrapping COAG and keeping the national cabinet after he met with the state leaders this afternoon. The national cabinet will continue to meet every two weeks while we are still in the pandemic then look to the future once things settle down. Canada Goose Parka

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