The Redskins’ home has gone from being the NFL’s second biggest stadium to the biggest to one significantly smaller, with a capacity the team would not provide before this season’s first home game. In FedEx Field’s 21 year history, seats have been added and removed. Whole sections of the upper deck have been chiseled away, whittling the building’s silhouette until it looked nothing like the symmetrical old Giants Stadium that was supposed to be a model for its construction..

For any child entering the Santos system, Pele is, and in all likelihood will always be, the standard bearer for excellence. And despite the external comparisons to two far more contemporary figures, for Rodrygo the dream of replicating Brazil greatest ever was never too far away. [Pele, Neymar and Robinho] represent a lot for me, he recalls.

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Three NFL rookies (Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin) topped 1,000 receiving yards last season and two others (Sammy Watkins and Jordan Matthews) had more than 800 yards each. The league is now set up for wide receivers to step in and be immediate contributors, with rules that prevent defensive backs from using clutching and grabbing tactics and from delivering the sorts of hits that once made some receivers wary of venturing to the middle of the field. This is another promising class of wideouts and it stands to reason that talented players such as Cooper, White, Parker wholesale jerseys and Perriman stand good chances of making smooth transitions to the pro game.RBs Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon (especially if one goes to the Cowboys)Running backs have become de valued in the draft.

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