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While baseball has (so far) managed to stave off canceling its season, the ripple effects of coronavirus outbreaks among teams leave plenty of doubt they can still make it to the finish line. Choosing to play outside a bubble like the ones employed by the NBA and NHL meant baseball was always at risk for something like this, and a Marlins team that returned to play Tuesday night with 18 new players was a powerful reminder about the need to follow protocols. Baseball is providing a road map.In the wake of confessions by Marlins CEO Derek Jeter that members of the team’s traveling party simply got too comfortable and neglected to be vigilant about wearing masks and socially distancing comfort he said was bolstered by making it through spring training 2.0 without a positive test the NFL would be wise to heed his warnings.So far, the message seems to be resonating, and here’s hoping Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones represents the rule rather than the exception on what NFL players are thinking.Related: Joe Thuney is prepared to line up wherever Patriots need him”The big key to the season is making sure guys buy in to make everyone else safe,” Jones said during a video conference Wednesday.

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