Before taking on the responsibility of horse ownership, an honest self assessment is needed to determine if the right skills are present to take a problem horse and turn him into something useful. If the prospective horse owner is a rank beginner, then assistance from an experienced trainer or riding instructor is warranted to insure a good fit between horse and rider. If proper homework is done prior to taking on ownership, the likelihood of being over horsed is reduced and horse ownership will be enjoyable as it should beTotally agree with people being over horsed.

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Studies on the number of elderly people experiencing depression varies, but it estimated 6.5 million of Americans over 65 are depressed.Sadly, only about 10 percent of those people actually receive any help.Seniors are especially vulnerable to other complications from depression. They are at higher risk of physical illnesses such as cardiac disease, which can lead to death from heart attack. It also makes it harder for them to recover from illness, which again puts an elderly person more at risk.Suicide in the elderly also is a huge problem, especially for white men over 80; they are twice more likely to kill themselves than anyone else from a general population.One of the main reasons depression isn always recognized in older people is because they tend to brush off, minimize, or deflect how they are feeling with comments such as OK, I just not sleeping too well.

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