It wouldn’t be a proper Pro Bears recap without Goff taking the spotlight. Even in the Los Angeles Rams’ first loss of the season, 45 35, to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, Goff still managed to complete 28 of his 40 pass attempts for 391 yards and three touchdowns. He could do little about his defense’s performance on the day, especially coming up against the National Football League’s all time leading passer in Drew Brees..

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From my standpoint, I value the extraordinary value of the classroom experience and still can recall as a biological sciences major engaging with my professor who was an internationally respected arachnologist. While not enamored with arachnids, as his lab assistant, I got to identify and categorize species from around the world. In a history course, I was able to write a paper about why the Civil War of the United States was not about freeing the slaves, but about industry versus farming, states’ rights and expansion among other causes.

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I studied a lot of film. You have to study a lot of film in your down time and I wasn’t scared to take chances and make plays. I tell my players we have to win the 50/50 balls. So i live in portland oregon. It has now rained here 20 straight days. Fear not they say the sun may come out tomorrow.

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