One of the players called out by Simpson, who played for the Dodgers himself in the 1970s, was Chase Utley, whose T shirt was emblazoned with a “K Cancer” slogan, which pertains to a charity started by former MLB closer Jason Motte. How embarrassing. After the game, Caray engaged on Twitter with a fan who was perplexed by the rant.

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A black Taurus 9mm handgun with an obliterated serial number was also in the box, police said. Previously convicted of a felony, Hernandez isn’t allowed to possess a gun, police said.During their probe into heroin sales, investigators learned Hernandez had a U Haul storage unit, police said. He gave them permission to search it and they recovered more than a half pound of marijuana, a digital scale and packaging materials, police said.Investigators on the afternoon of Jan.

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Parks was also versatile enough to line up inside the slot against a receiver and other defensive backfield positions.When looking at people who could possibly fill that role on the current roster, there are not that many options. One person who may play Parks’ role is rookie K’Von Wallace. Wallace is similar in size and weight and played a similar role in college when he was at Clemson.

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No one knows exactly how that will look, though, because Rodgers played nary a down in the preseason despite LaFleur, a first year head coach, installing a new offense. This much is certain: Changing plays at the line of scrimmage was an ugly bone of contention between Rodgers and Mike McCarthy last season and led to the coach’s firing in early December. The topic that buzzed throughout the offseason and preseason, until Labor Day..

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