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Lost in the Minshew Mania sweeping the land (and we’ve got it as bad as anyone) is the fact that Leonard Fournette was the bell cow in last week’s Jaguars victory in Denver, rushing for 225 yards. (He hasn’t scored a TD yet, though.) Carolina will go with second year pro Kyle Allen at quarterback again, with no timetable set for Cam Newton’s return from a foot injury. In two starts, Allen has completed 43 of 60 passes for 493 yards and four touchdowns, with zero interceptions and a 118.3 passer rating.

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The musical, which begins at Ford’s on Friday, will be playing here on Sunday, Sept.11 the 15th anniversary of the worst terrorist act in the nation’s history. During the run, the show will honor the memory of those who died, with special performances for military veterans and families of the victims. The Marsons will be in town, too, along with several others portrayed in the show, for more viewings of a musical they simply can’t seem to get enough of..

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We’re not gonna always get that. But we’re always going to continue to try to get that. And I mentioned to the ownership today that our commitment is to do everything reasonable to make sure that we improve officiating I’m asking the competition committee to look at various aspects of our officiating to see what we can do to improve on it.”.

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