We were able to sit down with Ty and his agent and got a little creative. Around to all three wide receiver positions and force defenses to find him, which is tough with a No. 2 guy like Ty.”. This, though, is probably more important: We know there are head coaching openings for 2019 in Green Bay and Cleveland. Various league experts, of which I am not one, believe at least four others probably will open: Arizona, Denver, the New York Jets and Tampa Bay. Four others could go either way: Cincinnati, Miami, Carolina and Jacksonville..

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Who were the players and team personnel that said something to her? What did they actually say? Who are the media reps who said they felt bad for her? There are a lot of facts missing from this story. I find it disturbing that responsibility in journalism now takes a back seat to sensationalism. At this point, with no facts to back up her story, Sainz is less than credible for me.

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