Unfortunately, some people grew up in dysfunctional homes or within families where addiction or trauma was present. This will create chaos, unclear boundaries, and teach people that engaging in conflict dysfunctionally is the way to behave and live your life. We are drawn to what we know.

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Another team that’s trying to claw itself out of years of irrelevancy, the Bills are almost certainly not for sale. Not right now, anyway. They were just purchased in 2014 by the couple that also owns Buffalo’s NHL team, the Sabres. “We had nearly 4,900 reportable injuries last year for 1,800 players who play,” Smith said Tuesday. “And that’s with the Cheap Jerseys from china new rules. So with all due respect to the coaches and the GMs, I don’t spend a nanosecond about what they think.

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And what of the things that came next: One season in Cleveland, Kyle designing a scheme for Johnny Manziel before marching into his boss’s office to quit; next joining Atlanta and going to war with veteran wide receiver Roddy White one season before pushing quarterback Matt Ryan to the MVP the next. Then in February, as the Falcons’ 28 3 lead in the Super Bowl dissolved, Shanahan ordered a pass play late in the fourth quarter that led to a sack; Atlanta wound up losing to New England, of course, and even now Shanahan regrets his decision so much he won’t say the play call out loud. He does this sometimes, when things bother him; when he can’t let go.