That’s why I love Lizzo and Billie Eilish. When I first heard Lizzo, I started to giggle it was like a girlfriend. And there’s something about Billie that reminds me of myself in 1983 something in her performance. In 2001, two years before Williams retired from the sport, police responded to an alarm at their empty New Orleans area home and found marijuana on a table. Head Coach Jim Haslett, who lived in the neighborhood, heard about the incident and left a note at their home warning them to call him before talking to anyone else. Haslett told herit wouldn’t work.

This is a team with few weaknesses, although it was surprising to see the defense give up 48 points at home to the 49ers. The Saints still don’t have a clear cut secondary target behind Michael Thomas, who is having another outstanding season, and running back Alvin Kamara has been banged up at times. Having now lost the head to head tiebreaker to San Francisco, their playoff run may have to take place mostly on the road.

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Offensively, the team has scored 1.7 points per drive over the past decade, converting 51 percent of its red zone attempts. Both of those marks are below average for the decade. Washington has scored an above average rate of points per drive in a season three times over the past decade and had above average success in the red zone only twice..

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