The network is also launching a new “Lost” esque drama called “Manifest,” about 191 passengers of an airplane that experiences severe turbulence during a short flight. When it lands, the impossible has occurred: The world has aged five years, even though they were only in the sky for a few hours. The drama will air on Mondays in a comfortable time slot after “The Voice.”.

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“That’s another emotion that it’s just hard to kind of explain in words,” Newton said. “But I’ve had a plan since I’ve been here just to become the best player I can possibly be. Be coached and be coachable, and knowing that I will be coached by the game’s finest in Josh McDaniels and Coach Jedd (Fisch) as well as obviously, Coach Belichick and those guys haven’t let me down yet.

wholesale jerseys This week, there’s a shakeup after a topsy turvy weekend. The two top teams in last week’s rankings lost, and the bottom three teams won. The Chiefs ascend to No. The move is especially ironic, as the NFL iced out San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racism in 2016. Kaepernick hasn’t played since his contract with the 49ers ended in 2017, and hasn’t been picked up by other teams in the league since. Kaepernick’s protest inspired a nationwide movement of sitting out or kneeling during the anthem in support of the fight against systemic injustice. wholesale jerseys

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44, haven’t been issued to other players out of respect for those who made them famous. Safety Landon Collins wholesale nfl jerseys from china hoped to wear Taylor’s No. 21 after signing with Washington this offseason, but the team ultimately announced Collins, who idolized Taylor growing up, would wear No.

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