For days, Strout had been trying to file for unemployment benefits, joining millions of Americans unexpectedly out of a job because of the deadly coronavirus. Try as she might, though, Florida’s beleaguered system would not verify her identity. So she emailed.

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Its size and more premium vibe are a little closer to the midsizers, while its standard engine and price tag are more comparable to the compacts. And for a lot of folks looking for an SUV in the $30,000 range, that should be a combination that makes a ton of sense. That it manages to look as good as it does inside and out should also be appealing to those who’d rather not drive something dull and drab that screams “family vehicle!” So why should you think twice? It’s actually a bit dull and drab to drive to be honest, and the more appealing turbo engine is exclusive to the priciest versions.

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“The year before I took over the boys team, I think they finished with just four players,” said Farr, who has been Fort’s boys tennis coach since 2015 and girls coach since 2018. “But we’ve been slowly moving up the standings. We went from last (in league) to second to last to third this past year.

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That remains to be seen, of course. The Jaguars picked up their fifth year option in Bortles’s rookie contract, at a salary of more than $19 million, for next season. But that option year is guaranteed only for injury. The Bills signed former Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron but the situation is similar to the one in Chicago last year. After giving Mike Glennon a ton of money, the Bears drafted wholesale nfl jerseys Mitchell Trubisky at No. 2.