Berries like blue berries and strawberries have antioxidant properties. Oranges, grapefruits and apples are good sources of vitamin C and fiber. Even the more exotic ones like mangosteen and papaya provide essential nutrients. In my article I advocated that an alkaline pH blood level, well oxygenated could be self cure method for cancer. Could it be possible that my dogs agreed with me? By their choice of water it would seem so. I even went so far as to use an organic carbon product to lower the pH of the rain water, as soon as the water reached an acidic level the preference towards it waned and the others with an alkaline level became the water of choice.

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The maximum grant amount is $1 million. It receives and manages public and private grants, gifts and contributions to further public programs in support of parks, conservation and historic preservation statewide. The Commissioner of OPRHP is also the State Historic Preservation Officer and the chair of the NHT Board of Directors.

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