There will be games next Sunday and the Sunday after, seemingly ad infinitum. The question has to be: What now?In times like these, we should be able to look to our president to set the tone for informed, nuanced discourse. President Trump, you started this.

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But there was more to it than that. The game was changing in profound ways. The players were asserting more rights with the NFL Players Association, the balance of power was shifting, and Lombardi believed the only way he could assert the sort of control he wanted was to have an ownership stake in a team.

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And then Kirk Cousins threw an ugly interception, which Philadelphia safety Malcolm Jenkins returned for a 64 yard touchdown. And after a few bouts of fans hyperventilating at a sudden 14 14 tie, Cousins directed a 75 yard touchdown drive just before halftime. Finally, to start the third quarter, Washington added a Dustin Hopkins field goal..

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