The offending remarks, from 2011 and 2012, were recently deleted, but other Twitter users posted images of them late Saturday night. In them, Ricard used the n word in tweets such as, “My phone spins like a [expletive] at a disco,” and a well known homophobic slur in tweets such as, “If your twitter picture is yourself flexing in the mirror.. Chances are your [sic] a [expletive]!”.

The result is expected to be announced Sunday morning by the NFLPA. The deal must be approved by a majority of those who cast votes. If ratified, it would make some changes for the 2020 season and run through the 2030 season. “We’re going to have to find guys with the expanded practice squad, which we have spots for four veterans. We’re going to have to find the right guys to be able to expand the practice squad with,” Elway said. “It definitely hurts the opportunities of those CFAs to get out there and really show us what they have.”One player who reportedly blew his shot at making the roster after going undrafted was Oklahoma State cornerback Kemah Siverand.

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