And as he adjusted, he kept glancing to his right, past center Chase Roullier to the other guard, two time Pro Bowl honoree Brandon Scherff. He could see Scherff using the same techniques he was being taught and tried to mirror Scherff’s movements, watching how Scherff attacked the defensive tackles. Soon he found he was getting more comfortable, almost content..

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On Wednesday, Weihe’s son, Mark, received a call from a Louisville friend, Rick King, who said his longtime pal from college days, Hall, wished to speak to the Weihes. Hall then told Mark Weihe he might be able to arrange something. Bob Weihe, 82, has attended every Derby since 1947, beginning at age 9 when his mother took him along to see Jet Pilot’s win, a streak that seemed safe earlier this year when he and his wife, Barbara, found tickets for Churchill Downs’ limited capacity plan..

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