McMahon announced in January that he was relaunching the XFL, and he reportedly is willing to invest as much as $500 million to see that it’s more successful on the second go round. While many smaller pro football leagues have come and gone few with the notoriety of the original XFL McMahon is taking an extra year this time to plan and prepare before sending players onto the field. In June, he hired Oliver Luck to serve as his league’s commissioner and CEO; Luck had previously been an executive with the NCAA, the athletic director at West Virginia and the president of NFL Europe..

And, at least from the nosebleeds, it sure looked to me like we played a trap in the third period. Boy, these Caps are transforming into a new team. Tuesday game against Tampa is important as first place in the Southeast is on the line. The Panthers let Hardywalk after that season and hesigned with the Cowboys in 2015. He never returned to his previous form, though, and was a near constant distraction. When he was activated after his four game suspension, he immediately grabbed headlines with an odd interview in which he speculated about the attractiveness of the wives of quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Blake Bortles.

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