When practicing how to play goalie in soccer using a wall to kick against is a useful technique. Getting down the basics of intercepting and blocking the bounce back of the ball prepares one for the field. Above all else, it is important to learn to recover mentally from letting in a goal or two.

The firm typically takes 18 months to launch a new product. Before Covid 19, one of the endeavours of the company was to cut this time frame. We had actually initiated internal action to be able to look at whether we are able to cut the period to a substantially lower time.

Ever since Sept. 11, 2001 and nearly a decade of fighting two wars has shaped basic military training into an entirely new “beast” (all pun intended, I will go into this more in a minute). Air Force basic military training has added a new week to their training called, “BEAST” week (basic expeditionary airmen skills training)..

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